Club Documents. A Membership Form and proof of payment Must Accompany all Renewals and Applications. Mail to PO Box 166, Oak Flats, NSW, 2529  

Huntley Hillclimb will be State Round with Practice 4/04/2020 and the Event on 5/04/2020. Entry forms and proof of payment to be mailed to PO Box 166 Oak Flats, NSW, 2529 by the Sunday before the event. No emailed entries accepted. NOTE: Road Register vehicles will not be able to run unless rego papers presented, Log Booked cars will not be able to run unless Log Book presented. No exceptions. ..  

Entry forms and Supp Regs. Info on how to enter is in the Supplementary Regulations. Read thoroughly. All Entry forms must be mailed to PO Box 166 Oak Flats 2529 by the Sunday prior. Entries received after this date will only be at the discretion of the Event Secretary and Club President.  

Supplementary Regulations incorporating Entry Form
See Supp Regs for Entry Form
Scrutineering Sheet
Huntley Categories and Classes for Club Events (Not State Champs and Not Marulan)
List of Entrants